Microsoft sends out a notification whenever there is material information that affects customers’ security. If security changes are required, Microsoft releases a security update which includes all of its supporting collateral such as the Security Update Guide and Knowledge Base article. Otherwise, Microsoft communicates via several methods (for example, a security advisory or a blog post) on the matter that affects customers’ security and provides guidance along the way.

Microsoft Technical Security Notification Services

Microsoft’s free monthly Security Notification Service provides links to security-related software updates and notification of re-released security updates. You can choose between basic and comprehensive formats. These notifications are written for IT professionals, contain in-depth technical information, and are digitally-signed with PGP.

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Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) blog alerts

The MSRC blog provides a real-time way for the MSRC to communicate with IT pros. The MSRC uses this blog to disseminate important and material security communications to help IT pros understand Microsoft security response efforts; updates during the early stages of security incidents; and regular postings for the vulnerabilities release cycle:

MSRC Twitter: @msftsecresponse

MSRC uses a verified Twitter account to post brief notifications about security updates, security advisories and other security issues. Follow @msftsecresponse for fast access to the latest information.

Source: Microsoft

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