14. creating an admin account with full privileges in Windows 10

The process to create an admin account in Windows 10 is slightly different. Sysadmins who are familiar with the changes would notice the device manager unlike seen in Windows 7 does not have the tool to manage users and groups.

To enable integration of Windows 10 into Microsoft’s Azure Cloud infrastructure has seen some of the usual features changed to accommodate joining an Azure Active Directory domain for example. 

In the search panel type User Accounts and select the option from the results. 

Click Manage another account from the options available in this window.

You can now click Add a new user in PC settings. Any existing accounts will be displayed here.

                                         Click + to Add someone else to this PC. 

Microsoft gives you the option to integrate using phone or email credentials from some of your products such as Outlook, office, Skype and Xbox.
Click I don’t have this person’s sign-in information to proceed. 

You may click Add a user without a Microsoft account for the option to set up a local account.

Here you have the option to create a user account with a secure password. Remember to add a password hint as Windows would prevent you from proceeding further in the process.

Your new admin account should now be visible in family and other users window. Highlight the account to reveal options to change account type or remove the account from the computer. 

Clicking the dropdown menu gives the options to set the account as administrator or a standard user. 

As before, log out of the current sessions and find your new admin account you just created.Remember to always check a local administrator account exists on a computer before disjoining from a domain environment.

You may find yourself trying to troubleshoot a connection problem between a server and a client computer, sometimes requiring the client to be disconnected from the domain.

Double checking you have a local administrator account could save you a lot of rebuilding time.  

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