How to Install Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 is an operating system designed for users who want to create a network that multiple computers can access. If you want to create a network, follow these instructions to install Windows Server 2003 on the computer you’ve selected to be your server machine.


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  1. Put the Windows Server 2003 CD into the CD drive and turn your computer on. If you can’t open the CD drive while your computer is off, put the CD into the drive while the computer is on, and then restart your computer. This is so the computer loads from the CD to begin the installation process.
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2. Wait as the Windows Setup screen loads. Hit the “Enter” button once the “Welcome to Setup” message appears. Read the Windows Licensing Agreement and hit the “F8” button to agree to the terms and continue to the next screen.

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3. Create the partition on your hard drive where you will install Windows Server 2003. Highlight “Unpartitioned space” and hit the “C” key. Type in the amount of the drive you would like to partition. If you want to use the whole drive, type in the same number as shown next to “The maximum size for the new partition.” Hit the “Enter” key, and then hit “Enter” again on the next screen to confirm your drive selection.

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4. Use the arrow keys to highlight “Format the partition using the NTSF file system.” Hit the “Enter” key. Wait as the installer formats the drive. Then, wait as the installer copies the Windows Server 2003 files to your hard drive. A yellow progress bar will show you the progress of each of these processes.

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5. Hit the “Enter” key to reboot your computer after the setup process completes. Wait as the installer loads device drivers for your computer. Click “Next” on the screen titled “Regional and Language Options.”

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6. Enter your name and organization on the next screen and click “Next.” Then, enter the product key that came with your CD and click “Next.” Click the radio button next to “Per server” and enter the number of connections to your server that you will need. Click “Next.”

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7. Think of an administrator password and enter it on the next screen. Change the computer name. It’s important if you want to host a website, SMTP server, POP3 server etc.. and click “Next.” Select your time zone and click “Next.”

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8. Configure your network settings by clicking “Custom settings” on the screen titled “Network Settings” and clicking “Next.” Choose “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click “Properties.” Choose either “Obtain an IP address automatically” if you don’t know your IP address, or choose “Use the following IP address” and enter the IP address in the text box. Click “OK” and then click “Next.”

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9. Leave the “No” option selected on the “Workgroup or Computer Domain” page and click “Next.” Wait as the installation process continues installing; a message to the left of the screen will tell you how many minutes the remaining installation process will take. Your installation will be complete once the installer reboots your computer.

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