How to backup in Windows Server 2019

Launching the WBADMIN.MSC utility to backup or schedule backups of Windows Server 2019

Let’s schedule a backup of Windows Server 2019.Windows-Server-Backup
Backup Schedule Wizard – Getting Started

Select the backup configuration of the Windows Server. The options are:

  • Full server – backup all server data, applications, and system state
  • Custom – You want to choose to backup custom volumes or files for backup

Select the backup configuration of the Windows Server

A note here, if you do select the Custom option, you can also specify VSS options. You can select either VSS full backup or VSS copy Backup options using the Custom option.Windows-Server-Backup
Advanced Settings allow specifying the VSS options

On the Specify Backup Time screen, you choose how often and when you want to run the backup.Windows-Server-Backup
Specify Backup Time

I don’t really like the description of the next screen of the wizard. Instead of Destination Type this should be Destination Location or something similar. On this screen, you are specifying the target for the backup files. Here, I am selecting the Back up to a shared network folder.Windows-Server-Backup
Specify Destination Type

A warning or notice appears when you select “Back up to a shared network folder”. The warning states that when you use a remote shared folder, each backup run will erase the previous backup, and only the latest backup will be available.Windows-Server-Backup
Windows Server Backup warning about network location

Specify the remote shared folder via a UNC path for storing the backup file.Windows-Server-Backup
Specify the remote shared folder

You will be prompted to enter credentials to schedule the backup and register the schedule in Windows Server.Windows-Server-Backup
Credentials to register the Windows Server Backup schedule

Confirm the Backup Schedule.Windows-Server-Backup
Confirming the backup schedule

On the Summary screen, click Close.Windows-Server-Backup
Finalizing the backup schedule on the Summary screen

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